This dictionary has been developed in collaboration with Carlos Barberán Díez, an Energy Consultant and expert in the LNG, oil and gas sector with more than 27 years of experience and remarkable achievements. Carlos Barberán Díez has demonstrated his commitment to excellence and innovation in the energy field, offering specialized solutions in renewable energy and strategic consulting.

Carlos Barberán Díez especialista en energéticas.

Who is Carlos Barberán Díez and how many experience has in the energy sector?

Mr. Carlos Barberán Díez is a recognized energy consultant with a solid track record in the sector.

He has led projects around the world and has participated in numerous international gas-related arbitrations. With more than 27 years of experience, he stands out for his dedication and passion for LNG, oil, gas and renewable energy. He has led projects in different countries, including Senegal, Mozambique, India and the United Arab Emirates, where he is currently based.

Which ones are the most outstanding achievements of Carlos Barberán Díez?

Among the most outstanding achievements of Carlos Barberán Díez are his role as Country Manager of Gaz de France in Spain, where he managed the commercialization of natural gas and electricity, and his participation in important negotiations with suppliers and stakeholders in the European and Mediterranean energy market. Moreover, he has been an energy consultant for various agents and consultancy firms, and has participated as an expert witness in arbitrations for the reopening of natural gas contracts, demonstrating his experience and knowledge in the legal and regulatory field.

Which are the current and previous positions of Carlos Barberán Díez?

Currently, Carlos Barberán Díez is the Coordinator of the Oil & Gas department at Netvalue Forensic, a firm specialized in valuation and expert reports in finance and regulated sectors. He is also CEO and Partner of ANCAR ENERGY, an energy consultancy based in the United Arab Emirates. Throughout his career, he has held positions as Country Manager of Gaz de France in Spain and Structured Origination Manager at Essent Energy Trading, among others.

Which is Carlos Barberán Díez’s academic background?

Carlos Barberán Díez holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Escuela Superior de Ingenieros Industriales de Barcelona. He also owns a Master’s degree in Business Administration from UPC (Barcelona) and a Master’s degree in “Direction et Administration de filiales étrangères et consolidation groupe” from HEC Paris and Institut Français des Administrateurs.

In which conferences and workshops has Carlos Barberán Díez participated?

Carlos Barberán Díez has participated in the FSRU Summit in Dubai, a workshop in Senegal with representatives of the Ministry, the regulator, SENELEC and PETROSEN, the Gas Summit in China, and a workshop with the Minister in Ghana.

How many projects has Carlos Barberán Díez completed?

He has managed a total of 25 projects throughout his professional career in the energy sector;
He has led a total of 36 negotiations in the energy field, which demonstrates his ability to negotiate and manage agreements in the industry.

In conclusion, Carlos Barberán Díez is the best choice in the world of energy consulting, his success rate combined with the number of projects carried out and years of experience, mark an impeccable track record and worthy of admiration for all the members of the sector.

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